24-hour Care. All Pets Large and Small. Operating North Island Wide.

About Truly Treasured

Truly Treasured is a family owned complete pet loss service operating throughout the North Island

Truly Treasured was created by the Hicks Family, a family of animal lovers with an intensive farming background.

The idea came about after discussing euthanasia leaching and hearing several concerns from Farmers and Vets. Issues were found for not only the environment but for the animals’ dignity. Not long after we started our journey to bring our vision to life, we suffered the losses of our beloved mare and Kune Kune.

We had to be efficient in dealing with our losses both physically and emotionally, which made this time so much more difficult for us. This experience provided the final incentive to “press go” and turn our idea into reality.

Truly Treasured became more than just a better way to put beloved pets to rest. We wanted to find a way to honour them and provide owners with mementos crafted by New Zealand artists, jewellers and creatives so that they can keep their companions with them, long after they’ve passed.

Saying goodbye to your beloved family pet can be one of life’s most difficult moments. Our caring staff take care of everything, ensuring you are only left with memories that can be truly treasured – but also so you don’t have to stress about how to handle the situation on your own.

We are passionate about caring for people and their special friends at the most heartbreaking of times and giving all animals the care, love and dignity they so dearly deserve.

Our Pet Loss Services Include

Honour your pet with a dignified farewell and final journey home.


Pet Collection

We will collect your pet from your home or vet (this service is limited to certain areas please inquire about which areas and rates)


We offer either separate or communal cremation.


Pet unique code

Your pet is cared for by name and will be assigned a Truly Treasured identification number for internal reassurance with belongings from collection to delivery.

Ashes Returned

There is the option of either Personal home delivery or a specialist courier as it is an upmost importance that your pet is safely returned to you. (Please inquire the costs on these options).



Truly Treasured Certificate of cremation.


Grief Support

Access to our grief support.

Optional Keepsake

Choose a keepsakes wooden urn or jewellery memento.


Veterinary Services

Truly Treasured would love to offer our support to your clients at this difficult time.